Honey full body massage in delhi

Honey massage is a very effective detoxification and cleansing therapy, suitable for circulatory disorders, joint diseases and rheumatic diseases, for problems with digestion and for migraines.

It also helps in cases of insomnia, chronic fatigue and headaches. Honey is a unique antibacterial agent in the healing of wounds, ulcers, swelling and inflammations.

Honey massage produces a double effect - removal of toxins (poisons) from the body and activation of internal organs. Honey massage is performed with three applications of honey in combination with a soothing warm compress that acts as a thermal peeling, which softens the skin and moisturizes it. The massage technique of hands in combination with honey applied to the back, acts more like suction-pumping. With such a detox massage, toxins are eliminated, which are eliminated through the skin of the back. Traces of toxins can be observed by changing the color and consistency of honey.

During the massage, there is an increase in the reflex zones on the back, which stimulates the activity of the internal organs.

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